Security Systems & Fire and Smoke Detective Installations

Its important to know that your family is safe, and your home is secure. Security/burglar alarms can be extremely effective deterrents to criminals: statistics show that 60% of criminals would be discouraged from entering a particular house if they knew/could see it had an alarm system installed. At Prestige Electrics, we understand that securing your home and family affords peace of mind.

We can install security/burglar alarms including wired alarms, CCTV and wireless security systems. We will discuss your security needs and help you find the solution that best fits with your lifestyle, and as we offer a 24 hour emergency call out service, you can be rest assured that your security is in safe hands.







smoFire & Smoke Installations: A simple smoke alarm installation will go a long way to protecting your home and family, but it needs to be fitted properly and in the correct position for it to be most effective. Whether we install a mains powered smoke detector with battery back up or a very basic battery operated smoke alarm, Prestige Electrics adhere to the latest legal requirements. 

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