Rewires, Electrical Upgrades and New Builds

Outdated electrical wiring can be dangerous and is a common cause of domestic fires. Properties built over 50 years ago have far less sockets to accommodate all of the electric gadgets and equipment we use in our homes today. This can lead to overloading sockets with extension leads, which can cause damage to sensitive electrical devices and could lead to a house fire. Old wiring can also become damaged and will deteriorate naturally over time, especially if its made from out of date materials. 

If your fuses are blowing regularly, sockets are overheating or do not work at all, or other irregularities appear when using electrical devices, there is probably something wrong with the electrical wiring, and could call for a re-wire.

Along with the safety aspect, another benefit of a re-wire is having the option to personalise your installation. From adding LED spotlights to a full audio or security system, you have many options when starting from fresh and can plan your home to your specifications.

However, a full rewire isn’t always necessary. If your fuse box and electrical wires are in good condition but you only have one or two sockets per room, having additional sockets installed will avoid overloading the existing ones.

Prestige Electrics’ priorities are safety and customer satisfaction; we will work with you and advise you of the best and most cost effective options, with all our work being in compliance with the current regulations and backed by a 10 year guarantee.


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